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Call Of Duty 4 mania has hit Fragnetics! We currently host wildly popular 3 servers. BoB COD4 Server Fragnetics COD4 Singapore! ABsg COD4

Stay tuned to this space for more exciting COD4 news and promotions! In the meantime, do join in the COD discussions at our forums.
In collaboration with Paradigm Infinitum at Midpoint Orchard, Fragnetics is accepting orders for ETQW boxed sets and Collector's Edition. This offer comes with a complimentary 1-month VIP access to all ETQW ranked servers participating in the Fragnetics.com VIP programme!

If you have already ordered the game, we are also offering VIP Passes to our Ranked Servers. For a limited time, new subscribers will get 10% off while current Fragnetics subscribers get 20% off! A list of our Ranked Servers can be found here.
Congratulations to JEDI CORE EASY, JEDI CORE BRAVO, JEDI CORE CHARLIE, and XEF for being the top titan defenders! Your superior skills and teamwork abilities have allowed you to proceed into the next stage of this grueling war - the EA Play 07 finals. We wish all teams the best and hope you've had fun in this unique tournament.

EA Play Website: http://www.ea.com.sg/eaplay07 More info: Fragnetics Forum
We are pleased to inform our subscribers and custombers that we have added a new dual-core server to our hardware arsenal. Combined, we now control a network of 21 servers in three data centres. This new addition strengthens our server cluster and ensures that we will have more than enough resources to satisfy server demands even during the peak periods.
Purchase your copy of Northern Strike online through us and receive a bundled reserved slot across our network of 8 public servers! Prices start at $29.90 and $49.90 for 3 or 6 months of reserved slots PLUS Northern Strike!

Current subscribers can get Northern Strike at a price of $19.90 which comes with a free 1 month extension.

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